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How To Be A Fortune Teller

So, You Want to Be a Fortune Teller?

Have you ever dreamed of being the wizard behind the curtain? Have you ever wanted to be the one doling out answers that no one else has the means to find? If this happens to be the case then maybe you can step behind the curtain and take on the role of a fortuneteller, even if you weren’t born with a sixth sense. If this is what you dream of becoming, then there are many ways to enter the world of fortunetelling without any God-given ability. Luckily for you, to take part in many of the different forms of fortune-telling including tarot card reading, palm reading and numerology you already have the skills needed to be a fortuneteller.

Tarot card reading is one of the basic forms of fortune-telling and is something that any individual can learn to do in their spare time. Whether you’re looking for a good conversation starter at a party or to take a glimpse into another individuals past and future tarot cards may be for you. There are multiple decks available: famous artwork, books, mythology, movies or even legends being amongst them. You should begin by choosing a deck that you feel suits you and if all else fails pick up the Rider Waite deck. It is the deck that is pictured most often in instructional books and has an easy to understand system connected to it. Down the road you can always feel free to add additional decks to your repertoire if you so choose.


Most tarot cards decks will consist of 78 cards. 22 of which are the Major Arcana, these symbolic cards focused on the material world, the realm of change and the intuitive mind. The other 56 cards make up the Minor Arcana, and fall into one of four suits: Swords, Cups, Wands and Coins (or Pentacles). Within these suits you will find four separate themes. Swords generally focus on conflict or potential moral issues. Coins on the other hand will focus on the material things such as money and security. Factors in an individual’s life like ambition, vocation and activities would fall in the realm of wands. Finally Cups will correspond with emotional aspects of someone’s life and relationships.


The basis of tarot card reading then stems from the reader’s intuition about the cards that have been put in play. There are many different formations that can be used and where as some readers will use a simple 3 to 5 card layout others will use a more complex matrix of cards and put a larger number of cards into play. As cards come down sometimes they’ll be reversed most readers will take this to mean that the cards traditional meaning should be interpreted in the opposite manner.

There are many other facets of tarot card reading that you can spend time learning about and studying. And even outside of tarot cards, palm reading or astrology may be of greater interest to you. Regardless of where your interests lie if your desire is to learn how to be a fortuneteller there are many avenues available to you in order to fulfill this prophecy. So happy hunting and may fortune smile upon you.


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